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Mission Statement

The Arceli Project publishes informal, scholarly, astronomy content to create a bridge between grey literature (such as blogs) and the formal corpus of scientific publications in the Astrophysics Data System (ADS) in order to allow authors to give and receive credit for their contributions to the discipline and to preserve this scholarship for future use.

How it works

Arceli is powered by PressForward, which pushes content to the Zenodo digital archive to create a DOI. The content is then indexed by ADS.

Submit material

We accept online material such as blog posts, jupyter notebooks with explanatory text, conference materials including talk slides and posters, and scholarly videos, animations, and data visualizations.

  • We are not yet accepting new submissions.


Arceli is a branch of ScienceBetter, founded by Kelle Cruz. Team members include Daina Bouquin, Aram Zucker-Scharff, Lars Holm Nielsen, Jonathan Sick, Meredith Rawls, Alberto Accomazzi, Adrian Price-Whelan, Arfon Smith, August Muench, David Hogg, Dan Foreman-Mackey, Lia Corrales, Erini Lambrides, Elisabeth Newton, Jake Vanderplas, Chris Erdmann, and Sarah Kendrew.

A group of us worked on Arceli during Hack Day at the 227th American Astronomical Society Meeting in January 2016.

We will meet in March 2016 to continue developing Arceli.


For more information, read our charter on github.


Our project is made possible by the contributions and collaboration of our partners.
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